The film all started in July 2012 when Oscar a Norwegian friend of mine  came around at my house one evening, where we suddenly decided to organize a trip to Norway.


We landed in Norway early July with all necessary gear, DSLR Canon 7D, Glidecam… However no footage was shot with any particular idea in mind. It is only at the end of the journey on the return flight that I figured out that there would be enough footage to make more than a 3 minutes landscape video and that a short film could potentially emerge out of this. However, the story was missing.


After spending a few weeks writing the script, I started looking for people to shoot the “bedroom scene”, the other part of the film. Having previously worked with Aaron I knew that he would have perfectly fit for the kid’s role. In the mean time, I started an online casting to find who would play the mum and also looked for a camera operator. It turned out that 40 actresses applied for the role and I had to spend days reviewing CVs to find the right person.


At the end of August, everything was eventually ready to shoot the bedroom scene in a single day. We had 6 hours to shoot over 40 shots, record the voice over, shoot the photographs for the DVD cover as well as having lunch. No need to mention that it had been probably the most stressful day of my life!


September was fairly busy trying to figure out how the film would be introduced. I decided to spend about 3 weeks learning how to use Visual Effects software (After Effects) and designed a 3D animation title introducing the film. Making the immersed straight away was really the aim.


Eventually when you think that everything is finished, or almost, there are details which can take a while. Colorizing or grading the footage took about two weeks, Sound design & effects another couple of weeks and making the Trailer took around one week. Of course, before hand the all film had been edited and the soundtrack been chosen.

While I was still unsure about whether to find a soundtrack for the end of the film or find someone to compose it, I eventually ended up composing and recording an acoustic bass and guitar version of the sing for the end of the film. The song is called “Nothing is endless” and will be available for download for free on this website on December the 12th.